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Crab cakes heavy on filler, but aren't bad


Item: Zatarain's New Orleans Style Crab Cake Mix

What you get: About 10 crab cakes

Cost: About $2.29

Nutritional content: 100 calories; 1 gram fat; no saturated fat; 460 milligrams sodium

Preparation time: About 4 minutes pan-fried on stove top

Review: It seems sacrilegious to even consider another city's take on Baltimore's most beloved dish. And Zatarain's mix is not what we in the Free State expect of our crab meat. That said, these New Orleans-style crab cakes aren't bad. They're just heavy on filler, overflavored (ingredients include onion, clam juice, hot sauce and Parmesan and Romano cheeses) and a little too hot for my Maryland palate. These are crab cakes gone sassy and uptown, ideal with remoulade sauce if you prefer that sort of thing. Zatarain's crab cakes get an A for effort, but they're just a little too fussy for my taste.

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