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Cheese-Spinach Pie takes no time to throw together


Elberta Johnson of Albany, Ore., wrote that she was looking for a "spinach quiche recipe which had buttered bread crumbs sprinkled on top. I had it some time ago, and it was delicious."

Tester Laura Reiley chose a response that was called Cheese-Spinach Pie, sent in by Wanda Papciak of Pittsburgh. Papciak noted, "This is a simple one-dish meal, a cousin to the quiche Lorraine. It is just the thing for a night when you don't want to fuss. For a variation, substitute cooked, chopped broccoli, green beans, zucchini or peas for the spinach. The recipe came from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Cancer Institute."

Cheese-Spinach Pie

Serves 4

1/3 cup chopped yellow onion 1 tablespoon margarine

1/4 pound sliced Swiss cheese (about 5 slices)

1 (9-inch) pie shell or thin biscuit dough to fit a 9-inch pie pan

1 cup cooked, chopped, drained spinach (can use 1 regular 10-ounce box frozen spinach, thawed and squeezed dry)

3 large eggs

1/4 to 1/2 cup milk

1/2 teaspoon salt dash pepper

2 tablespoons seasoned bread crumbs

2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese

Saute onions in margarine until tender; cool. Lay slices of cheese over uncooked pie shell; top with spinach, then onions. Beat eggs, adding enough milk to make one cup. Add seasonings and pour mixture over ingredients in the pie shell. Bake in preheated 400-degree oven about 45 minutes or until a knife comes out clean and the top is golden-brown. Serve piping hot. Can be frozen after baking.

Tester Laura Reiley's comments: "As per the request, I topped the pie with bread crumbs, adding a little bit of Parmesan so it creates a crisp, rich topping. I suggest using frozen chopped spinach to save time. The resulting flavor is very good with the contrast of the Swiss cheese and the greens, and it takes no time to throw the dish together. Do not use an extra-deep pie shell; the filling will not fill it all the way."

Recipe requests

Marty Kaufman of Towson writes that she is trying to find a recipe for crab cakes like those that were served at "Bernie Lee's Penn Hotel in Towson some years ago. I enjoyed having lunch there with my dear mother, who passed away in 1962. I will be grateful if you can find this recipe."

Dee Josephs of Pikesville is anxious to make a cake for her parents. "Many years ago the old Nates and Leon's restaurant at North and Linden avenues sold a cake that was called Beehive Cake. It was filled with the most heavenly custard, and I believe the cake was made from yeast dough. It was topped with a honey glaze and thinly diced almonds. I even contacted Reta Davis and Lenny Caplan, former owners of the Pimlico Restaurant, to see if they had any idea what happened to the recipe, but they didn't. Thanking you in advance for any help you can give me."

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