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In the Picture


No laughing, please.

Like the pop quiz, algebra and climbing the rope in gym class, the school photograph is one of those predictable obstacles to a happy childhood.

Just as leaves begin to change colors, many a child's cheek turns scarlet when the photographer shows up at school. Should I smile? Show teeth? Look serious? Comb my hair? Open my eyes? Lose my glasses? Hide that blemish?

Some of Baltimore's most well-known celebrities were asked (well, persuaded, begged, threatened) to dig through their attics and produce a school photo. Some are from their days in elementary school, others from the teen years. The only condition was that the photo had to be the official, yearbook type -- the kind your parents bought so they could send wallet-size copies to every known relative.

Look at these young boys and girls. Would you believe that there are TV anchors, congressmen, a sports legend, leaders in the business and arts communities, and perhaps even a future governor among them?

Guess who they are. The answers are below. But no cheating --- and no laughing, either, lest someone trot out your school photo someday and remind you of those vulnerable days.

1. Marianne Banister WBAL-TV anchor

2. Benjamin L. Cardin congressman

3. Elijah E. Cummings congressman

4. Steve Geppi president, Diamond Comic Distributors Inc. and publisher, Baltimore magazine

5. Denise Koch WJZ-TV anchor

6. Norm Lewis 2News weatherman

7. Cal Ripken Jr. third baseman, Baltimore Orioles

8. C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger Baltimore County executive

9. Kurt L. Schmoke former Baltimore mayor

10. Yuri Temirkanov music director, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

11. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend lieutenant governor

12. Deborah Weiner Fox 45 anchor

ANSWERS: 1. Deborah Weiner 2. Cal Ripken Jr. 3. Kurt L. Schmoke 4. C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger 5. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend 6. Steve Geppi 7. Elijah E. Cummings 8. Marianne Banister 9. Norm Lewis 10. Benjamin L. Cardin 11. Denise Koch 12. Yuri Temirkanov

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