Orioles' ups and downs


Chris Richard -- UP -- 15 RBIs on the season's longest road trip helped put him in the mix as next season's first baseman. Has as many homers as Will Clark in about half the at-bats.

Jesus Garcia -- DOWN -- He does exist. Promise.

Cal's back -- UP -- A 13-game road trip and four hits in Texas convinced the Iron Man that his back can return for another season. Nothing official for another two weeks.

Moose DOWN -- The Warehouse offered $72 million over six years ($12 million deferred), then swept the offer from the table when it was rejected. Sept. 27 at home against the Blue Jays may be his goodbye.

Fan appreciation -- UP -- The club is celebrating 3.3 million tickets sold with a two-week festival. Nice move for a fan base asked to endure much.

Brady Anderson -- EVEN -- If Delino DeShields owns left field next season, does he play center (instead of Luis Matos), right (instead of Albert Belle), or DH?

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