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Teen was part of quiz bowl's winning team


The student: Dane Brown, 16

School: Wilde Lake High School

Special achievement: Member of the winning team at the Conference Quiz Bowl sponsored by the National Society of Black Engineers at the University of Maryland.

What he says about it: "Going into the Maryland competition, I didn't know how many teams to expect or what the local competition would be. So I didn't go expecting to win because it was our first time doing this. During the competition at College Park, I could tell that we had a good chance of winning. I like competition, and I try my best to win. So when I do, I'm pleased."

Motivation and goals: "I am motivated by a drive to succeed to be able to enjoy life. I want to be a computer engineer. So I try to do well in math and science and hope to get into a college which will offer a high-quality education. That will make me a complete person and help to ensure personal success."

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