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One click to slick surfing on Web


Tired of surfing to Web site after Web site to collect your daily dose of information? Wouldn't it be nice if your home page automatically displayed all your important data without your having to click on page after page?

That's exactly what the free Clickmarks service does: With little effort, you can create a home page that pulls data from multiple Web sites directly into your home page and displays everything in a concise manner that you define.

What happens every time you first log onto the Internet? Your browser presents you with your designated "home page," the first Web site to be displayed upon launching the browser. Typically, your home page displays something of value to you or it contains some kind of relevant personal information. For most, it's synonymous to a home's foyer and is merely a place from which the surfing experience begins.

Continuing a typical monotonous session from the home page usually requires clicking on any number of bookmarks that you've created or assembled. Browsers let you easily create a bookmark when you see a Web site that's of a particular interest. Once a bookmark is created, clicking on it will return you to its associated Web page.

Another typical home page usually contains lots of links to frequently visited locations. So you have to click on a link, look at that Web site, go back to the home page, click on another link, look, go back to the home page again, click on yet another link, etc.

So the problem with using all those bookmarks and links is that you have to actually go to all those Web sites to see the data they contain.

But with a Clickmarks page, you don't go anywhere. A Click- marks page pulls everything from all those Web locations to you and puts all the data onto the page you've created. This can save you hours of clicking and surfing every day.

Creating a home page with Clickmarks is intuitive.

You begin with a blank page. Let's say you want to see the headlines from your paper's Web site. You enter the address of the newspaper's page that contains the stories. From there, you drag and drop the items into a frame you create on the blank page. You can add a "My Local Newspaper" title and formatting to organize and to make things please your eyes.

To continue, enter your e-mail address. Clickmarks will list the number of messages waiting, whom each e-mail is from and the subject. Add a weather URL that displays your forecast, the page that displays your stocks, and other daily features. Wherever your normal surfing routine takes you can be consolidated and placed on your home page.

Once created and defined as your home page, the Clickmarks technology pulls the text and graphic information from all those multiple Web sites directly into your home page so that you can easily view everything from that one location.

Information: www.clickmarks.- com

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