Hyde's departure leaves need for new leadershipI...


Hyde's departure leaves need for new leadership

I liked The Sun's headline "Fray trails school chief" (Aug. 25). Unfortunately William H. Hyde's carpetbagging qualities are the responsibility of our illustrious school board (past and present) and one of our Carroll County commissioners.

If nothing else, one has to admire how Mr. Hyde manipulated and dazzled his friends on the school board as he danced around while more than $38 million in various liabilities were piling up.

A past president and current board member became so emotional at the superintendent's retirement announcement that he had trouble speaking and was in tears. He still doesn't realize how badly he has been had.

It bothers me to think how these dollars lost through mismanagement could have been used for teacher salaries and other education needs.

Mr. Hyde had a field day in his last weeks on the job. Before his flight to the wild-wild West, he gave a gaggle of his cohorts, yes men and bosom buddies raises by twisting his authority under a poorly written contract.

Mr. Hyde also fractured the rules of that contract by not giving sufficient notice; but he'll probably still receive all the contract's goodies.

That's a matter for the school board's attorneys to take action on but, based on their accomplishments in the interest of the taxpaying public, we are probably lucky that Mr. Hyde didn't make off with one of the newly built schools.

With Mr. Hyde as a role model we should change the school's slogan from "It's for the children" to "God help the kids."

I would think the folks in the Montana school district where Mr. Hyde now works should lock up anything that is not nailed to the schoolhouse floor. If one of their outhouses goes missing, don't blame us.

I wish they would tell us who among the politicians from Carroll County wrote them recommendations for Mr. Hyde's employment. I've got the rail if you have the tar and feathers.

Since there is no apparatus in our county for political recall or impeachment, our only recourse is to use our votes to replace the school board's two lame ducks on election day with people who will manage the school administration and not vice versa.

Jack Winder


More money for schools hasn't helped kids

School officials and politicians won't own up to the real problems with the education system in America.

For decades we have heard "we need more money for education." For decades, the politicians have given it to the schools.

After decades of this dole, the students still are not receiving the education that they are entitled to. We are still at square one.

Positions as school superintendents are now political jobs, not careers.

Test results are more important than the ABCs; test rehearsals, cheating and even excuses have made for poor grades.

Teachers are leaving schools for other work. Why?

Because discipline is unheard of because of lawsuits and because teachers get no backing from principals, administrators or school boards.

Somewhere along the line, some official must take a stand on these major issues. Until then, children will be cheated and under-educated. They will then enter the adult world, unable to meet the requirements of business or meet the standards in college.

What a shame, what a sham and what a waste.

Thomas E. Fallon Sr.


MADD's fund-raiser was a smashing success

The Carroll County chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) of Maryland wishes to thank the members of the Street Cars of Desire Car Club for having their annual fund-raiser for MADD on July 29 in Hampstead.

It was a huge success and so much fun. I especially want to thank Ira Katz, president of the club, and Grant and Kathy Stone for all their hard work.

I also want to thank the following people and merchants for their contributions:

Linda Richman of Jerry's Trophies in Mt. Airy for donating the five beautiful trophies that were presented to the winners.

John Peters, owner of the North Carroll Plaza Shopping Center, for providing the use of the parking lot for the show.

I'd also like to thank the following merchants in the North Carroll Plaza Shopping Center:

Mr. Tire for donating the unique Dash Plaques for the first 125 entrants in the show; Country Sunshine for helping with advertising; Genova's Restaurant in Hampstead for general help and information; Pet Value for donating door prizes.

Also deserving of thanks are the Cutting Garden and Pennsylvania Dutch Market in Westminster for donating the lovely carnations presented to all the ladies who entered their cars in the show.

Thank you everyone for your generous donations, hard work and most of all for supporting MADDs mission, "to stop drunk/impaired driving, to support those who have been made victims of this violent crime, and to prevent underage drinking."

Patsy Kressig


The writer is president of Carroll County MADD.

Hunting is only way to control wildlife

The recent letter criticizing both hunting and those who hunt was insulting ("Hunting isn't a good way to manage animal populations," Aug. 29).

The writer argued that the effects of hunting are only temporary "because a suddenly smaller population and ensuing plenitude of food sources leads to increased fertility."

One would think that an individual so concerned with the plight of wildlife would not prefer the alternative (i.e. extreme lack of food sources, resulting in starvation, infertility and the slow death of members of an overpopulated species).

Hunters provide a valuable service both to the community and nature while at the same time feeding their families. There is no sensible alternative to hunting as a way of stabilizing animal populations.

Rod Biggs


The Sun's biases serve readers poorly

I concur with the recent letter that comments on The Sun finally giving up on any appearance of fairness or objectivity ("Texas Governor Bush isn't an empty chair," letters, Aug. 29).

As a longtime Democrat middle-of-the-roader who has subscribed to The Sun for many, many years, it seems to me that The Sun's almost radical bent has increased over time to a point where it is not now newsworthy.

The paper fails to provide both sides of political issues and therefore does not allow the reader to make choices available based on facts.

The Sun's one-sided writings are not what Americans should have and are not in the best interests of this country.

This is so disgusting to me that I probably will vote against your November recommendations, knowing now how biased they have become.

And, regretfully, when my Sun subscription expires in mid-September, I shall no longer renew it.

R. Bames


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