Pump plant to stay, expand, officials say


Flowserve Corp., Taneytown's second largest employer, will keep its manufacturing plant in town open and expand by the end of the year, company officials said yesterday.

The pump manufacturing plant, formerly Ingersoll-Dresser Pumps, was acquired by Flowserve Corp. of Irving, Texas, last month. The Taneytown facility, which manufactures vertical, water and wastewater pumps, will expand manufacturing to include a type of submersible pump formerly manufactured by the company's plant in Tulsa, Okla.

Flowserve Corp. has 200 full-time employees in Taneytown, according to Mary Yohe, the plant's human resources manager.

The product expansion will add jobs, but the company does not know how many.

"There will be an increase, but we haven't quantified it yet," said Brian Bohnicky, director of operations for Flowserve Corp. in Taneytown. "I don't expect it to be significant."

Flowserve Corp. bought Ingersoll-Dresser Pumps for $775 million. The company had $2.1 billion in sales last year and has more than 10,000 employees.

One week after the acquisition was completed last month, Flowserve Corp. announced it would cut 1,100 positions, close four repair and service centers, a pump operation and Ingersoll-Dresser Pump's former headquarters in Liberty Corner, N.J.

The company agreed to sell its plant in Tulsa as part of an antitrust agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice. The manufacturing that took place there will be moved to Taneytown.

Since Flowserve Corp.'s plans to purchase Ingersoll-Dresser Pumps became public in January, Taneytown Mayor Henry C. Heine and Maryland and Carroll County officials worked closely with the company to keep the Taneytown plant open.

"I'm pleased they decided to stay," said Heine, who added that the city is a test site for the company and uses its pumps in the city's wells and wastewater treatment plant. "It would have been a pretty big loss for Taneytown."

Flowserve Corp. is among Carroll's 20 largest employers.

Jack Lyburn, executive director of Carroll County Economic Development, said Flowserve Corp. received $120,000 from the county for retention and training of employees as an incentive to keep the Taneytown plant open. Other incentives are being negotiated, Lyburn said.

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