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NFL injury report


Sunday's games

Jacksonville at Ravens

JAGUARS: Out: TE Damon Jones (knee-IR); T Leon Searcy (leg). Doubtful: DT Emarlos Leroy (calf). Questionable: RB Stacey Mack (ankle); RB Fred Taylor (knee); C John Wade (foot). Probable: P Bryan Barker (ankle); S Mike Logan (hamstring); LB Lonnie Marts (abdomen); DE Joel Smeenge (calf); WR R. Jay Soward (ankle).

RAVENS: Questionable: C Jeff Mitchell (knee); T Kipp Vickers (knee). Probable: QB Tony Banks (elbow); RB Priest Holmes (thigh).

Washington at Detroit

REDSKINS: Out: C Corey Raymer (knee). Questionable: RB Skip Hicks (knee). Probable: RB Mike Sellers (shoulder); WR James Thrash (groin); WR Michael Westbrook (ankle).

LIONS: Out: G Stockar McDougle (knee). Doubtful: LB Barrett Green (ankle); LB Clint Kriewalt (ankle); WR Herman Moore (shoulder). Questionable: QB Charlie Batch (knee).

Atlanta at Denver

FALCONS: Out: LB Chris Draft (hamstring); WR Jammi German (ankle); LB Mark Simoneau (groin). Doubtful: QB Danny Kanell (finger). Questionable: DT Shane Dronett (arm); WR Terance Mathis (hip); DE Brady Smith (groin); T Michael Thompson (neck).

BRONCOS: Out: RB Olandis Gary (knee). Questionable: RB Terrell Davis (ankle); LB Al Wilson (shoulder). Probable: LB John Mobley (knee); DE Kavika Pittman (neck).

Carolina at San Francisco

PANTHERS: Out: T James Dexter (elbow); LB Hannibal Navies (knee). Probable: TE Kris Mangum (knee); DE Chuck Smith (knee); LB Lee Woodall (shoulder).

49ERS: Out: RB Paul Smith (calf). Doubtful: S Lance Schulters (ankle). Probable: C Ben Lynch (shoulder); LB Jeff Ulbrich (shoulder).

Chicago at Tampa Bay

BEARS: Doubtful: TE John Allred (shoulder). Probable: TE Dustin Lyman (shoulder).

BUCCANEERS: Doubtful: S Dexter Jackson (ankle). Probable: RB Warrick Dunn (flu); DE Marcus Jones (elbow); S John Lynch (thigh); G Frank Middleton (wrist); WR Karl Williams (shoulder); CB Floyd Young (hamstring).

Cleveland at Cincinnati

BROWNS: Questionable: WR Darrin Chiaverini (head). Probable: DE Keith McKenzie (foot); WR David Patten (neck).

BENGALS: Out: RB Michael Basnight (wrist). Probable: S-KR Tremain Mack (ankle); DT Tom Barndt (chest).

Green Bay at Buffalo

PACKERS: Out: WR Corey Bradford (leg); RB Dorsey Levens (knee); CB Mike McKenzie (knee); LB Brian Williams (knee). Questionable: T Earl Dotson (back); T Chad Clifton (knee). Probable: QB Brett Favre (elbow); LB Antuan Edwards (ankle).

BILLS: Questionable: QB Doug Flutie (groin); RB Jonathan Linton (ribs); G Joe Panos (foot); LB Sam Rogers (shoulder). Probable: QB Rob Johnson (leg).

Kansas City at Tennessee

CHIEFS: Out: G Dave Szott (arm). Doubtful: FB Donnell Bennett (foot); TE Jason Dunn (shoulder). Questionable: RB Dante Hall (back). Probable: DT John Browning (knee); CB James Hasty (shoulder); DT Chester McGlockton (ribs).

TITANS: Out: DE Byron Frisch (ankle); TE Michael Roan (knee/ankle). Questionable: LB Frank Chamberlin (shoulder); LB Randall Godfrey (shoulder); C Kevin Long (ankle); WR Derrick Mason (thigh); WR Yancey Thigpen (thigh).

Miami at Minnesota

DOLPHINS: Out: CB Ben Kelly (knee); CB Terrance Shaw (knee). Questionable: S Greg Jeffries (hamstring). Probable: DE Trace Armstrong (gluteal contusion); C John Bock (ankle); RB Autry Denson (ankle).

VIKINGS: Doubtful: G Chris Liwienski (knee). Questionable: DE Michael Boireau (knee). Probable: DE John Burrough (knee); G Corbin Lacina (knee); LB Jim Nelson (shoulder).

New Orleans at San Diego

SAINTS: Out: LB Charlie Clemons (calf); S Rob Kelly (fibula). Doubtful: CB Fred Thomas (knee). Questionable: CB Alex Molden (groin); LB Darrin Smith (hamstring); RB Ricky Williams (foot). Probable: RB Chad Morton (shoulder/hip); S Chris Oldham (hamstring); CB Corey Harris (ankle); WR Keith Poole (knee); TE Andrew Glover (knee/back); LB Phil Clarke (shoulder); QB Jeff Blake (knee); G Wally Williams (neck); DE Darren Howard (thigh); DT La'Roi Glover (ankle); DE Willie Whitehead (arm).

CHARGERS: Doubtful: DE Al Fontenot (calf). Questionable: WR Reggie Jones (knee); CB Fakhir Brown (shoulder). Probable: WR Nate Jacquet (Achilles); WR Curtis Conway (shoulder).

N.Y. Giants at Philadelphia

GIANTS: Doubtful: DE Jeremiah Parker (neck); CB Andre Weathers (knee). Questionable: S Sam Garnes (concussion); TE Pete Mitchell (knee).

EAGLES: Out: WR Na Brown (hand). Questionable: WR Torrance Small (hamstring). Probable: LB Ike Reese (hamstring); DT Hollis Thomas (shoulder).

Oakland at Indianapolis

RAIDERS: Questionable: LB Eric Barton (hamstring).

COLTS: Out: WR Terrence Wilkins (head). Doubtful: DE Mark Thomas (knee). Questionable: WR Marvin Harrison (shoulder). Probable: RB Edgerrin James (hamstring); DT Ellis Johnson (thigh/knee); DE Chukie Nwokorie (hand/ankle); LB Marcus Washington (hamstring).

St. Louis at Seattle

RAMS: Out: DT D'Marco Farr (knee). Questionable: CB Todd Lyght (toe). Probable: WR AZ-Zahir Hakim (knee); DE Sean Moran (knee).

SEAHAWKS: Out: DT Tim Watson (knee). Questionable: DE John Hilliard (groin). Probable: TE Christian Fauria (hamstring).

Dallas at Arizona

COWBOYS: Out: QB Troy Aikman (concussion); WR Joey Galloway (knee); CB Dwayne Goodrich (hamstring); CB Charlie Williams (knee). Probable: QB Randall Cunningham (thumb); CB Mario Edwards (hamstring); TE David LaFleur (groin).

CARDINALS: Out: DE Thomas Burke (knee); C Mike Gruttadauria (knee); DE Andre Wadsworth (knee). Doubtful: T L.J. Shelton (knee); LB Zack Walz (knee). Probable: QB Chris Greisen (ankle); LB Johnny Rutledge (knee); WR Frank Sanders (leg).

Monday's game

New England at N.Y. Jets

PATRIOTS: Questionable: G Max Lane (hand). Probable: S Tebucky Jones (leg).

JETS: Probable: RB Curtis Martin (knee).

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