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Some thoughts to help you get that $1 million


Want to be a millionaire without making a TV appearance? Charles B. Carlson, manager, Strong Dow 30 Value Fund, suggests:

"Set a goal - any goal. When they started, most of the 170 millionaires I interviewed couldn't form a strategy, but each had a goal - retirement, leave money to heirs, etc.

"Buy only stocks and mutual funds. Since 1926 there was only one 20-year period when large-company stocks didn't outperform government bonds.

"Invest every month. The only way to make your million is by investing regularly.

"Quickies: Buy and hold, and hold, and hold. ... Swing for 'singles,' not home runs. ... Start with health care, technology and financial services stocks."

HAPPY THOUGHT: "Stocks will likely do better in this year's second half than in the first six months. Over the past 20 years, whenever stocks sagged in the first six months - as they did this year - they rebounded in the second half." (Ned Davis Research)

LOOKING BACK: On the day I was born 84 years ago today - Sept. 6, 1916 - the Dow Jones average closed at 94.51.

LOOKING AHEAD: "Investors now should keep a 10-20 percent cash position while emphasizing reasonably priced growth stocks." (Dow Theory Forecasts)

"We've entered a positive phase for stocks. Interest rates tolerable. No recession in sight. Profits rising. Stocks are neither cheap nor outlandishly rich." (Walter Frank's Moneyletter )

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