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Four arrested, $305,000 in drugs seized in raid


Police raided a small North Baltimore apartment early yesterday, arresting four people and seizing cocaine and heroin worth an estimated $305,000, officials said.

The drugs discovered inside a rowhouse in the 500 block of East 43rd St. were destined for numerous neighborhoods "throughout the city," said Maj. Robert Biemiller, commander of the Northern District. "It's a huge seizure."

The four people arrested were not immediately identified. They were being questioned yesterday before being taken to a District Court commissioner to face felony charges that include drug trafficking and handgun violations.

Biemiller said the case began a week ago with a tip from an informant to the district's Distressed Neighborhood Team. Police said they set up surveillance outside the rowhouse and learned that the suspected drug activity was centered in a second-floor apartment.

Officers arrested a man leaving the house Monday night. Police said the man had 500 gel caps of heroin in his pockets.

Investigators obtained a search warrant for the apartment, and Biemiller said officers arrested three more people early yesterday.

He said officers seized: $3,500 in caps of heroin; 160 vials of cocaine; 19 ounces of pure heroin; 6 ounces of pure cocaine; $8,000 in cash; and two guns, including a .22-caliber Intertec machine pistol with a silencer, which will be checked to see they are linked to any shootings. The heroin is worth an estimated $285,000; the cocaine about $20,000, police said.

Biemiller said the department also seized four cars, including a Jeep Cherokee, all registered to the people arrested.

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