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Combined TV/DVD player cutely solves common space...


Combined TV/DVD player cutely solves common space problem

I'd never really thought much about having a DVD player in the bedroom - until the Konka DT138U turned up.

Billed as the first combination television/DVD player to hit the U.S. market, the Konka is a very cool tool. And with a suggested price of $349, it's not priced beyond the pale.

So what's the attraction? Unless you're Mark Cuban and own a house where the bedrooms are as big as the last apartment I lived in, it can be tough wedging a TV set and DVD player onto the premises.

The Konka neatly solves this problem by combining a 13-inch stereo color television with a DVD player in a compact package that's a mere 16.5 inches wide by 14.5 inches high by 14 inches deep.

Even better, the extremely sharp picture rendered by the DVD player makes watching the small screen much less of a chore than you might think. The picture also was satisfactory with regular cable hooked up.

Installation was a snap. The only time I had to consult the manual was to learn that you have to punch a tiny TV/DVD button before you can watch discs.

Speaking of which, as is common with many TVs and stereos nowadays, the Konka's remote is crowded with buttons. Users may soon tire of changing channels when all they mean to do is increase the volume.

My other complaint? Sound is not as robust as you might expect.

Information: 1-800-298-9751 or www.konkausa.com.- Martin Zimmerman/KRT

Unplug the WebCam for wireless, digital use

Ever wish the cable on your Web camera were longer? Creative Labs read your mind. Unplug the Video Blaster WebCam Go Plus from its USB cable and use it anywhere as an inexpensive digital camera.

Away from the Windows 98/2000 computer, the WebCam Go Plus operates with two AAA batteries.

The lens head swivels up, giving the camera a sleek, lozenge shape and putting the eyepiece right where it should be. The camera's 8 megabytes of on-board memory can store more than 280 images at a resolution of 640 X 480 VGA or as many as 300 shots at a lower setting. You can shoot single exposures or rapid-fire sequences.

The WebCam Go Plus also records medium-quality voice clips. Stored data downloads to the computer through the nicely designed USB interface software.

Information: 1-800-998-5227 or www.creative.com.-Kate Seago/KRT

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