You can use TV instead of monitor for PC


Can you tell me how I might be able to display the things I do with my laptop computer on my living room television set? I have a Compaq Presario 1200 laptop, which has a port on the back labeled "external monitor."

All you need to display a computer's screen display on a TV set instead of a traditional monitor is a simple box called an NTSC/VGA converter such as the Antec ( /product/product.html) that costs in the $100 range.

With a desktop, you unplug the monitor from the back of the computer and plug the converter box into the computer instead.

You then connect the converter box to your VCR or TV set using supplied RCA audio/video cables.

A second plug on the converter box lets you display the same screen on your regular monitor as on the TV. No software is required.

With most laptops, including your Presario, you simply connect that VGA port on the back to the converter.

I have a new computer and want to transfer the names and addresses in my America Online address book. Can I send my address book on my Quadra 950 AOL account to my new G4 via e-mail?

AOL has instituted movable address books for Macs and PCs alike since you bought that now-elderly Quadra.

Windows and Mac users alike can fire up their old machines, run AOL and select the Address Book choice from the Mail Center option at the top of the screen.

You will find a Save/Replace icon at the bottom of the Address Book display.

Click it, and you will be prompted to create a file with all your addresses.

That file can either be saved to a floppy disk and moved between computers or, as you say, it can be e-mailed and then restored on another computer's AOL software.

The AOL software for Windows and Mac walks users through both the saving and the replacing process.

This feature was added in the AOL 5.0 software that shipped in 1999.

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