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Oriole's Advocates


O's fans crowded into the Baltimore Convention Center ballroom to honor several of their heroes at the 16th Oriole Advocates Hall of Fame Luncheon. Former Birds pitchers Tippy Martinez and Eddie Watt were on the receiving end this time, as they were inducted into the Advocates Hall of Fame, along with late Orioles executive Jack Dunn III. Some 320 admirers came to meet and fete their heroes -- and listen to folks like Orioles broadcaster Fred Manfra, and past honorees Brooks Robinson and Dick Hall sing the praises of the new inductees.

Included in this baseball bunch: Nick Mantzouris, event chair; Ann Serio, event co-chair; Blaine Baer, Burke Barrett and Jim Hedrick, event committee members; Chuck Bragg, Hall of Fame Committee chair; Allan Blumberg, The Oriole Advocates board president; Angie Reaves and Larry Kendrick, board vice-presidents; Diane Foster, board member; Elrod Hendricks, Orioles pitching coach; George Ward, president of Dempsey & Carroll; Preston Hopkins, engineer with the Naval Air Warfare Center aircraft division; Ray Weinstein, enrolled agent with Galland Karasch; Jerry Martin, Point Breeze Credit Union collection manager; Richard Gross, Towson area attorney; and Sandra Minton, partner with Nead Karey & Minton.

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