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Women's sports deserve better coverageI would like...


Women's sports deserve better coverage

I would like to see up-to-date coverage of women's sports in the sports section. The NCAA women's college basketball coverage has been poor in the past, but there are always pages of coverage for the men's NCAA basketball. (The women usually get a half page in the back of the sports section.)

During the WNBA season, I had to search the sports section for any coverage, and usually the standings and scores from the previous day were incomplete (and I am not talking about West Coast games). Additionally, I found on several occasions that the scores printed were incorrect.

This indicates a total lack of professionalism and reinforces how unimportant women's sports are to The Sun. I believe The Sun has a responsibility to provide its readers with accurate information, covering topics of various interests.

Pam Klouda


Orioles coach Crowley is valuable asset

Congratulations to John Eisenberg for acknowledging the critical contribution Terry Crowley continues to make to the Orioles. Many Baltimoreans recall the excitement they felt when the King of Swing came to the plate in a clutch situation.

Now the Orioles are continuing to benefit from the King's talents. In fact, Cal Ripken recently acknowledged that Crowley is the only person, other than Cal Senior, that Cal has trusted to work with him on his mechanics.

Let's hope the Orioles recognize and acknowledge one of their most valuable assets by re-signing him with a significant salary increase.

Linda Kelly


Ravens' Holmes sets a fine example

Every time we turn on the news or read the newspaper, there is always something about an athlete who has done something wrong or committed a crime. I would like to comment on an athlete who exemplifies the opposite, Ravens running back Priest Holmes.

I have been fortunate enough to observe this fine young man and outstanding athlete at games and practices. His commitment to his work, the game and his fellow teammates is obvious.

He is known as one of the fans' favorite players. He is always gracious, friendly and polite.

I only hope that someday I will have the privilege to meet this fine, outstanding athlete.

Pat Marney


It's time for Orioles to add Belle to exodus

Now that the Orioles' make-over has begun, it's time for management to bite the bullet on Albert "Smiley" Belle and (assuming they can't unload him) relegate him to the only role he's capable of these days, DH. With Harold Baines gone, there's no reason we should ever have to see A.B. play (or perhaps more accurately, misplay) in the field again.

If Orioles management doesn't have the guts to tell A.B. the truth about his fielding abilities, they can use his apparent leg injury as a pretext. Speaking of the leg injury: what kind of a player knowingly plays with an injury that is having a demonstrable effect on his performance? If Belle can't answer this, maybe Scott Erickson can.

M. Ries


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