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What stocks make fund manager's personal list?


WOULD YOU LIKE to know the five largest holdings of a highly successful mutual fund manager? Kiplinger's Personal Finance, October, has an article about Glen Bickerstaff, manager of TCW Galileo Select Equity Fund, who has "bettered the returns of the S&P; 500-stock index each and every one of the past 10 years."

His largest holdings are Charles Schwab Corp., Cisco Systems Inc., Dell Computer Corp., Home Depot Inc. and Intel Corp.

"What I look for first is top-line revenue growth, the lifeblood of long-term total sustainable growth," Bickerstaff said. Asked when he sells, he replied, "My holding period is forever. I want to remain as long as the advantage lasts."

ANOTHER LIST: These stocks are the current favorites of Goldman Sachs' highly regarded stock-picker Abby Joseph Cohen. Her selections, in Money magazine's October cover story, include Merck & Co. Inc., Bank of America Corp., Exxon Mobil Corp., Dynergy Inc., IBM Corp., Schlumberger Ltd., Equity Office Properties Trust and Household International.

WALL ST. WATCH: "Studies show, almost unequivocally: Do your fishing in a low-cost pond." (John Bogle, retired manager, Vanguard 500 Index Fund)

"Stocks right now can afford to move higher because there is a dearth of initial public offerings to soak up investors' money." (Michael Clark, Credit Suisse First Boston)

"There are hundreds of savings and loans out there, and they're juicy." (Peter Lynch, former manager, Fidelity Magellan Fund)

"Everyone loves to see an 'up' market, but with the volume as poor as it is, it is difficult to tell what it means." (Ned Collins, Daiwa Securities America)

"Stocks are going in the right direction, and with bond yields falling and earnings expectations rising, the market can correct its over-valuation without a crash." (Edward Yardeni, Deutsche Bank Securities)

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