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Parr might renew bid for election


She didn't make it through the primary, but free advertising - posted in error - might keep Cynthia M. Parr in the race for school board as a write-in candidate.

Parr was one of 22 candidates who ran in the primary. Four candidates are vying for a pair of seats in the November general election: Susan Holt of Sykesville, Thomas G. Hiltz of Woodbine, Stephen M. Nevin of Finksburg and Lisa Breslin of Westminster. Parr finished sixth in the March primary with 2,987 votes.

"The people who worked on her campaign during the primary think she would be an excellent choice as a write-in, as a second choice to Lisa Breslin," said Donna Cross of Finksburg, who worked on Parr's campaign. "They're both alike in that they both have integrity, honesty and are freethinkers."

Rumors of Parr's write-in candidacy began circulating shortly after the primary, when motorists in South Carroll noticed a billboard advertising "Parr for school board." The sign, on Georgetown Boulevard near Route 26, was supposed to have been taken down in March.

"I had people telling me, 'Hey I saw your billboard,'" said Parr, a former spokeswoman for the county commissioners and the economic development department. "They were saying they were going to write me in."

Under state law, those who did not win the primary but want to be on the ballot in the general election must spend at least $51 to promote their candidacy, and are required to file in Annapolis as a write-in candidate by 5 p.m. Nov. 1.ull it off."

Parr, a free-lance writer who has three children in the public school system, said it is too soon to predict whether she'll put her name on the ballot.

"I'm waiting to see how things go."

During her campaign, Parr said she would like to restore credibility and focus to the school board after a year of turmoil. A grand jury is investigating the school system and its handling of several construction projects and overall fiscal mismanagement.

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