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"The Secret Parts of Fortune: Three Decades...


"The Secret Parts of Fortune: Three Decades of Intense Investigations and Edgy Enthusiasms," by Ron Rosenbaum (Random House, 799 pages, $29.95)

Rosenbaum for 30 years and more has been writing some of the very best nonfiction in the best magazines in America. There have been three previous anthologies, but none as inclusive or sweeping as this marvelous compilation of wit and wisdom, of exposure and revelation.

Rosenbaum's introduction is a masterpiece on the subject of doing good journalism. His commentary on many of the articles reprinted here are as valuable as the pieces themselves.

Whether Oliver Stone or Skull and Bones, whether Kim Philby or the origin of hacker culture, the subjects of Rosenbaum's work are invariably surprising, statuesque and consequential to modern culture.

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