Rocker gives one fan time of day...


Rocker gives one fan time of day on enemy turf

Recently, before a game at Camden Yards, I was walking toward the stadium, rain coming down, when I saw a well-known baseball player walking in my direction. As heads turned and people whispered, I stepped up and asked him for an autograph.

Though his hands were full and he was getting wet, the player stopped and signed an autograph and had a small chat with me. His kindness surprised me, because these days many players don't give fans the time of day.

The player was Atlanta Braves reliever John Rocker. Though I obviously was an Orioles fan, he showed me kindness. Rocker has made some almost insurmountable mistakes and offended countless fans, but giving me the time of day showed me that he is a better player for giving time to the fans.

Albert Belle, are you listening?

Emily Pateris


Will 'Charm' or 'Greed' prevail on stadium name?

If the Baltimore powers-that-be allow the name "Oriole Park at Camden Yards" to be changed to one designated by big business, then the name "Baltimore, Charm City" must be changed to "Baltimore, Greed City."

Gladys Chiellon


Improve NFL coverage, or you'll lose this reader

I've been a subscriber to The Sun for many years and I am considering canceling my subscription for one reason. The football coverage is atrocious!

I'm writing this in hopes that my voice, along with others, will be heard and The Sun's coverage of the Ravens and the NFL will improve. For some reason, The Sun chooses to treat the Ravens like a minor-league team.

The Orioles, who are in total disarray and are owned by a man who shuns your paper while he speaks to the Washington papers, get tons of coverage.

The Ravens get nothing. In the sports section on July 2, there was no pro football coverage. None, zip, zilch, nada. This isn't the first Sunday that this has been the case.

I am a sports fan and enjoy reading about all sports. However, I am really pumped up about the coming NFL season (like many other people who read your paper).

Please improve your coverage.

Jeff Schultz


Orioles in bad shape, but don't make up woes

With a situation as bad as the one the Orioles are in, one would think that the disgruntled fans would not have to make up things to complain about.

The Orioles have no bullpen, a terrible defensive team and little or no team speed. They are playing a first baseman at third base, a left fielder in center field, and designated hitters at first base and in right field. Their situation requires no exaggeration.

The letter published July 16 by Harry Kleiman manages to overlook these problems while pointing out other negatives that simply don't exist. The contract given to Delino DeShields before last year may have been too long, but to say he has spent more time on the disabled list than at second base cannot be justified.

The last time I checked, DeShields has not spent a day on the DL this year and was second in the league in stolen bases.

Before we rush to rip the Orioles, we should get our facts straight.

Michael A. Bonsiero


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