Long-awaited audit suggests minor Carroll school changes


Consultants delivered the first part of a planned three-year audit of Carroll County schools yesterday, recommending little more than tinkering with the administration of the 27,000-student system.

In an hourlong presentation before the school board and the county commissioners, KPMG presented numerous suggestions to improve the organizational structure, efficiency and technology of the system. The consultants also noted particular progress in the embattled school construction department, whose problems led to the audit.

The report included recommendations that consultants said would save the school system about $2.8 million in annual and one-time expenditures, plus $500,000 per construction project.

Those figures were challenged by school board President C. Scott Stone, who noted that "some of these suggestions don't have cost estimates for implementation."

Stone and others took particular issue with the suggestion that the school system could generate $1 million annually by serving breakfast to more students. That recommendation did not include estimates of how much more it would cost to serve the extra breakfasts.

KPMG project manager Melanie James-Cosgrove said the firm was unable to estimate the cost of having cafeteria staff on duty and of busing students to school earlier.

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