"I like the book 'Show and Tell'...


"I like the book 'Show and Tell' by Joanne L. Smith because it's about a boy named Billy who tries to bring the same thing to show and tell every day, but one day he brings a surprise. I like the bear in the book."

-- Tavon Moreno, Commodore John Rodgers Elementary

"I would recommend 'Heaven' by Angela Johnson to children who like secrets. In Heaven, Ohio, people say that you are either born in Heaven or you move there to forget about the past and start all over again. The main character, Marley, learns a secret about herself in Heaven and works through it with two very good friends."

-- Claire Shires, Jacksonville Elementary

" 'Hercules Doesn't Pull Teeth' by Debbie Dadey is a good book. Hercules has big muscles and a three-headed dog. I think children should read this book because it is full of adventures."

-- Jack Rosenthal, St. Joseph Fullerton Elementary

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