Baltimore Sun’s BEST party in 2 weeks

Orioles' ups and downs


Sidney Ponson -- DOWN -- He continues to tease with his potential but frustrate with his inconsistency. He should be further along, a point made by resident Hall of Famer Jim Palmer on Thursday.

The Thrill -- UP -- Who'd have thought Will Clark would have more home runs in July than Albert Belle?

Mike Mussina -- DOWN -- Left Tuesday's start trailing Florida 3-0 after 83 pitches. Is the league leader in innings showing wear? Give him Ponson's support and he's a 12-game winner.

Corp. at Camden Yards -- DOWN -- Come on, warehouse. Nobody wants $100 million worth of leverage without planning to use it.

Mike Timlin -- UP -- The four-seam fastball agrees with him. It must be July.

Jr. -- EVEN -- Cal Ripken hoped to be back by Tuesday of last week. Instead, fans received his bobble head likeness on Wednesday. Ripken calls retirement talk "comical," but there is nothing funny about a balky back.

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