Be a 4Kids Detective


Visit these Web sites to find the answers, then go to

Who painted "Agrarian Leader Zapata"?

What tidal zone are periwinkles found in?

How tall are some African termite mounds?


Enter the bizarre and fascinating universe of insects at Alien Empire, the companion Web site to PBS' Nature series. Buzz off to and meet a world of creepy crawlers. This site is jam-packed with multimedia presentations about monarch butterflies, wasps, bees and much more. Better yet, you'll find out how some of these high-flying insects actually get off the ground. Fashion lovers will get the chance to meet the insect world's most famous weaver, the silk worm. And for a journey like no other, be sure to follow the migration path of the monarch butterfly.


Meet up with your safari guide in the very civilized Museum of Modern Art at Look! Over that hill, it's a real, live Picasso! This is no big-game safari. It's a hunt for great art. Let your imagination run for miles with the four cool computer drawing boards that help you invent a bunch of fantastic animals of your own.


At Life on the Rocky Shore, you'll learn about crabs, sea urchins, abalones and other way-cool creatures. The tide rushes in at You'll get the scoop on high and low tides and learn how they're determined by the phases of the moon. Then bring your crayons to the Tidepool Coloring Pages and color in pictures of sand dollars and sea slugs. The site also has a glossary of terms about tidepools as well as great games and several crossword puzzles.

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