Toxic leak repaired at sewage plant


A small sulfur dioxide leak at the county sewage treatment plant in Broadneck was fixed yesterday morning before the toxic gas - that smells like rotten eggs - reached dangerous levels, officials said.

After the water is chlorinated to purify it, sulfur dioxide is used to dechlorinate the treated water before it can be channeled into the Chesapeake Bay, said Anne Arundel County Fire Battalion Chief John M. Scholz.

The leak was detected about 9 a.m., and the tank was repaired by 11 a.m.

About a half-dozen county Public Works employees were evacuated from the building until tests showed no more sulfur dioxide was in the air, Scholz said.

Because the contaminated air was contained to the building, no residents were evacuated, he said.

Robert H. Loomis, assistant director of Public Works, said the leak will not affect the service of the plant on Log Inn Road.

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