Juicy health tipSure, watermelon is a refreshing...

Juicy health tip

Sure, watermelon is a refreshing summer treat, but now there is a new reason to enjoy a slice. Scientists from the U.S. Department of Agriculture have found that watermelon contains high levels of lycopene - an antioxidant that may help the body fight cancer and prevent disease.


Freezing point

Fill containers almost to full when freezing food, a recent issue of Cooking Light recommends. Putting a small portion of food into a large container captures air that could allow ice crystals to form. Instead, fill the container, leaving only enough space for the food to expand as it freezes.


Cyber recipes

Williams-Sonoma Inc. has introduced an online recipe collection featuring newly developed and classic recipes from more than 40 years of Williams-Sonoma cookbooks, catalogs and test-kitchen expertise. The recipes can be found at

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