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Voice mail silences card games; HELP LINE


I no longer get the sounds associated with computer card games like hearts, solitaire, FreeCell, etc. I recently installed Excite voice mail and needed to download RealPlayer. I've clicked on the sound box in FreeCell, but still nothing. Is there an easy way to correct this?

A number of voice-oriented programs need to switch your computer's sounds on and off depending upon whether they are sending or receiving data. They tend to leave the settings switched off when they stop running.

Just look for the little yellow icon shaped like a speaker in the screen's lower right-hand corner and double-click on it. Uncheck the Mute box in the display that pops up. If there is no speaker icon, you need to open the My Computer icon on the desktop and choose Control Panel and then Multimedia, where you will find the same settings that you can change.

When I try to run backup software that archives my data to a tape drive, I keep getting error messages saying that a "Schedule" program is running that makes it impossible to continue backing up. I suspect that this is related to the recent appearance of an unwanted Scheduler icon at the right-hand end of the task bar. I don't use or want Scheduler. How can I get rid of these annoying error messages and the icon?

The easy way is to uninstall the obsolete Microsoft Schedule 7 software (long ago replaced by Outlook Express) from your machine. This is done by opening the My Computer/Control Panel icons and then choosing the Add/Remove Programs icon. You can then select the icon for Schedule 7 and be done with those backup woes.

The Microsoft way, which will preserve Schedule, is to stop your computer from running it automatically. To do this you need to use the msconfig feature of Windows. Click on the Start button and then Run. Type "msconfig" in the display that comes up and press the Enter key. You will get a pop-up box with several tabs. Pick Startup and look for the line in that display for Schedule. Remove the check from the box next to Schedule and the program will stop loading automatically.

My printer problems started when I upgraded my computer at home (a Pentium) from Windows 95 to Windows 98 (second edition). We have an HP DeskJet (870cse) printer. When I try to print, the message I receive tells me I don't have a printer installed. When I go into Settings and look at Printers, my printer is listed as being installed. I tried to reinstall it and it still didn't work. When I read the instructions on the install disks that came with the printer, it states that it's for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. I'm assuming that it won't work because I'm now working on Windows 98. Can you help me?

That particular printer needs different software (called a driver) for Windows 98 than for Windows 95. Just log on to the Hewlett-Packard Web site at and click the Services and Support tab at the top of the screen. You will soon drill down to the 870cse and be offered the download needed to make Windows 98 see your DeskJet.

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