O's fans are fed up with Angelos,...


O's fans are fed up with Angelos, Thrift, et al.

We Orioles fans have had just about enough of owner Peter Angelos, his sons and whatever-his-title Syd Thrift, and mismanagement by Mike Hargrove.

For years fans complained of poor defense by Orioles catchers, and Charles Johnson is the answer to that malaise, not only as a power hitter but as quarterback of the so-called pitching corps.

However, Angelos Sr. doesn't like Johnson's agent, so the player probably won't be back in 2001.

Thrift certainly isn't a judge of talent. He brings in current misfits like washed-up pitcher Alan Mills yet "plays" with perennial pitching star Mike Mussina's pocketbook!

Delino DeShields has spent more time on the disabled list than at second base, and Jerry Hairston proved in spring training, as well as part of last year, that he's a major-leaguer.

Hargrove might have been a genius managing Cleveland, but all I see him do is sit on the bench when pitchers are in trouble and chew sunflower seeds, unlike other managers, who go out and talk to the pitcher.

How can any member of the team's so-called "brain trust" label Sidney Ponson a front-line pitcher? His emotions ruin his so-called abilities. Perhaps a return to Rochester might change his attitude.

I hope Major League Baseball allows the Montreal Expos to come to Washington. Then, maybe, I can see hungry youngsters vs. overpaid "stars" play baseball.

Harry I. Kleiman

Owings Mills

Angelos does plenty for city of Baltimore

When reading Leonard Arzt's letter, "Why does Angelos keep shunning his hometown?" in The Sun on July 2, allegedly sent to Peter Angelos, I awaited the punch line, only to discover the communiquM-i was intended to be serious.

While it would be much too time-consuming to elaborate on the many generous contributions Mr. Angelos has bestowed upon Baltimore, it is most obvious that Mr. Arzt is grossly misinformed in his thinking that the Orioles owner is in any fashion shunning his hometown.

Quite the contrary, it is apparent that The Sun long ago, by virtue of its misquoting campaign of unjust criticism, and all other opinionated (as opposed to factual) redundant rhetoric levied upon Mr. Angelos, has generated an abatement of communication between the Orioles' front office and its paper.

Congratulations to Angelos for his candor with the Washington Post, and kudos to the Post for reporting factually what is really going on as opposed to what its writers think should be happening.

The generosity of Angelos to the city of Baltimore needs no elaboration, nor do the unfortunate bias and often venomous comments of The Sun's sports staff relating to the Orioles' boss.

Dorothy Herbst


Baltimore-Washington can support two teams

As I read the article "Angelos confident no team will move to Northern Va." in the July 6 edition of The Sun, I couldn't help but laugh my head off.

Angelos' selfishness and apparent belief in the ludicrous notion that Baltimore and Washington are one market aren't indicative of a lifelong Baltimorean. Though I know the answer to this question is money, I still have to wonder why this man would block the people of the Washington metro area from having a team of their own.

It's not as if two major-league teams didn't exist in the area for almost 20 years, when the Orioles were consistently among the best in the majors and the region had a mere fraction of the population and income it does today.

What about all the teams that successfully coexist within the same region today (Mets-Yankees, Giants-A's, Dodgers-Angels, Cubs-White Sox)? To say that the Washington-Baltimore region doesn't compare favorably with all these areas is to deny reality and sell ourselves short.

Chris Moore


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