Well-dressed, from head to toes


In the middle of July, it's hard to picture those snowy days when Adrienne Walker-Pittman, a spirited and stylish Baltimore-Washington International Airport spokeswoman, kept stranded travelers on top of the weather.

Shortly after the Blizzard of '96, Walker-Pittman was hit by a stolen car and lost most of her left leg. She put her life back together with the encouragement of husband Jerry O. Pittman and son Evan, now 8.

Next week, the Woodlawn resident will celebrate her 41st birthday, and those who know Walker-Pittman as a friend, or remember her as an on-air authority, will note she is still spirited and stylish.

Both Walker-Pittman and her husband, executive director of Progressive Horizons Inc., are fastidious dressers. Now working at the Maryland Transportation Authority in the certification office, she cuts a professional yet fun profile. Jerry Pittman, 46, is perhaps even more of a clotheshorse than his wife, and is never seen without a smart brim or, at the very least, a baseball cap that matches his track suit and tennis shoes.

Usually, Pittman does the shopping for his wife, his mother, grown daughter and son, aunt, godmother, Evan, as well as himself. The arrangement appears to suit everyone.

Last summer, at the annual meeting of Pittman's fraternity, Iota Phi Theta, in Oakland, Calif., the three Pittmans made a striking trio in matching, custom-made African-inspired outfits. "We kind of rock the boat," Pittman says of their coordinated appearances at formal occasions.

Adrienne, what else has your husband had made for you?

Also, for Oakland, he had a dress made that was like a wedding gown with a tiered skirt; the sleeves came to a point. The sleeves and neckline above the bodice were sheer. I wore a tiara.

Did you ever have anything made for your husband?

I designed an Iota ring and had it made for him.

What were some of the changes you had to make in the way you dress after the accident?

I used to wear high heels and close-fitting dresses. I had to give all those away. And with the prosthesis, I can't wear really flimsy clothing, including silk, as much as I love it.

What has been your major challenge when you (or your husband) search for clothes?

Finding shoes with short heels that work with dressy outfits. I had to have a lot of my gowns shortened, too.

Where do you get your nails done? They're beautiful!

VIP Nails on Baltimore National Pike. Toes, too!

Jerry, why is it so much fun to shop for so many people other than yourself?

It's not hard to do for others as well as yourself.

Where do you buy your hats?

Hippodrome Hatters, Ecuador Hat Company and the Stetson Shop in New York.

You get dressed up and yet you have a very physical job as a group home and foster care provider.

I'm a hands-on director, so if my suit gets messed up helping one of my clients, it's OK.

How do you maintain that natty mustache?

I'm at the barbershop every Thursday, W&W; Hair Salon. My barber takes good care of me.

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In Candid Closet in yesterday's Today section, Adrienne Walker-Pittman's place of employment was reported incorrectly. She works in the certification office of the Maryland Mass Transit Administration. The Sun regrets the errors.
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