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Shaft's suave and supercool


Almost 30 years ago in the movie "Shaft," detective John Shaft made an impact on the fashion world with his turtleneck sweaters, leather jackets, bell-bottoms and Afro. Tough, sexy, suave, Shaft was, as the movie tagline went, "Hotter than Bond, Cooler than Bullitt."

If you think Samuel L. Jackson looks as cool in this year's Shaft as Richard Roundtree did in the 1971 version of the movie, you've got Giorgio Armani to thank.

Armani, Jackson's designer of choice for the role, reportedly told Jackson: "I'll design the clothes. You'll create the attitude."

The result is a wardrobe that is sleek and modern, hip and edgy. Combining luxury fabrics and state-of-the-art tailoring, Jackson's wardrobe includes the requisite turtlenecks and leather jackets. But he also wears tailored suits, double-breasted blazers, chic eyewear and skullcaps.

Jackson, who had 65 costume changes in the movie, doesn't just wear Armani, either. He's an equal opportunity fashion plate, donning Versace jackets, Kenzo boots, Gianfranco Ferre sweaters and Missoni caps.

Yeah, we can dig it.

Shopping virtually anywhere

If you don't want to leave your cool, cushy abode to go shopping this summer but you aren't sure how to become the king or queen of e-commerce, check out the "Internet Cool Guide: Shopping" (teNeues, 127 pages, $9.95). Find out where to buy everything from flowers (www.flowerbud.com), chocolates (www.godiva.com) and erotica (www.xandria.com) to wedding accessories (www.theknot.com), maternity clothes (www.imaternity.com) and baby formula (www.peapod.com). Also included are tips on how to shop safely, securing the privacy of your credit card and what to do if things go wrong. -- M.B.

Traveling among the stars

The July cover of In Style magazine promises the skinny on Halle Berry's pivotal past year as well as all sorts of info about celebrity pregnancies. Those should make it perfect travel reading.

Speaking of travel, the issue also includes a feature on traveling like a star. Some tips:

* What to pack: Silk pajamas that can be worn as evening pants ($245), a make-up bag that doubles as a clutch ($105) and a silk shawl that doubles as a pareo ($120).

* Making Coach feel First Class: Avoid the front row and the infants who usually sit there. Travel during the week when flights are not as crowded. Dress up if you want to better your chance for an upgrade.

* Complexion: "I don't fly with make-up because it's bad for your skin," says Leslie Bibb, star of the WB's "Popular." "Every five minutes I spray my face with Burt's Complexion Mist. I always drink lots of water."

P.S. Care to hear Alec Baldwin dish about back waxing? It's in there, too. -- M.B.

No blinking

Titan Minimal Art Sunglasses look so light and airy they seem to float.

Weighing in at only .07 ounces -- about the weight of three paper clips -- the glasses, which are made of titanium, are a favorite of Will Smith's.

The glasses feature no screws or hinges and are billed as being virtually indestructible. Titan Minimal Art sunglasses are available in eight colors and shapes and are handmade in Austria. They cost about $250 a pair. For information on a store near you, call 800-223-0180. -- M.B.

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