The toned star's secret weapon

When celebrities want to get the sag out of their derrieres, they turn to personal trainer Harry Hanson.

Hanson, 38, runs gyms in Manhattan and has sculpted the glutes of famous folks including Sharon Stone, Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts and Linda Evangelista. During a recent book tour for "Get Your Rear In Gear" (HarperPerennial, $16), he had this to say about the bods of the rich and famous.


Q. Jennifer Lopez's behind has gotten a lot of attention. Have you done any work with her, and if not, are you kind of bummed you didn't get in on that?

A. I've never worked with Jennifer Lopez, but she's a beautiful girl and I'm sure she trains hard. I'm sure if she's working with somebody, they're doing a great job because she's changed her body a lot.


Q. Of all the celebrities you've worked with, who has the most attractive rear end?

A. Hands down it's Naomi Campbell. And her legs, like from her hip to her knee, that thigh muscle and her hamstring, beautiful.

Q. Whose body needs work?

A. Right now I'm working with Oliver Platt. He was in "Dr. Dolittle," "Lake Placid," "Bulworth." He's got a big show coming up in the fall called "Deadline" on NBC. Oliver's a big man. He's about 6 feet 4, and when I met him he weighed about 330. He's lost about 70 pounds.

Q. Who is the hairiest celebrity?

A. Robin Williams. I trained him years ago. Every time I trained him he acted like Rocky. So like after the first session I said, "Aren't you a little tired of doing Rocky?" He goes, "Yo, Adrian."

Q. For ordinary mortals, what's your top advice?

A. You've got to modify your diet. You've got to cut back on your fat. You've got to read labels. Don't skip meals because when you skip breakfast and only eat a little bit for lunch, you're slowing your metabolism down.


Q. Do you have one favorite exercise?

A. Squats are the best exercise because they work over 350 different muscle groups. But you have to do it right. You have to make sure your form is correct.