Welcome Back, PotterThe madness is almost over...


Welcome Back, Potter

The madness is almost over - or maybe it's just about to begin - because in two days, the long-awaited fourth installment of Harry Potter adventures hits the shelves at bookstores all over the world.

If you're worried about getting a copy, you have reason to be. There's a long line of kids counting on getting their own, and the supply of 3.8 million is expected to fly out of stores. But Bibelot in Timonium is offering fans a head start. It's expanding its hours Friday beyond midnight - into July 8, the release date for the highly guarded new novel - so its customers can be among the first to bring home a copy of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire."

Group readings and scavenger hunts will keep guests busy and awake while they wait for the unveiling. Bibelot will hand out green lightning bolts - essential for any true Potter fan - and magic wand-making materials to the kids, who are also invited to participate in Harry trivia games. To keep everyone's energy up, Potter favorites such as Cockroach Clusters, Every Flavor Beans and butterbeer will be served.

The book will cost $25.95, but Bibelot offers a 10 percent hardcover discount. 10 p.m., 2080 York Road, 410-308-1888, Ext. 5.

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