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Be a 4Kids Detective


Visit these Web sites to find the answers, then go to

* What kind of flower is a seed source for finches?

* How thick is the bark of the giant sequoia?

* About what date do the swallows return to Capistrano?


Journey to California's past and meet the Spanish padres and Native Americans who helped to establish the California missions. Ride into the West to the California Missions Web site at The site features histories for each of the 21 California missions. You'll find beautiful photos and black-and-white sketches depicting mission life.


Meet the giant sequoias, the tallest and widest trees in the world today. Get a bird's-eye view of these huge trees at the Giant Sequoia Web site, at Did you know that these trees can survive for 2,000 or 3,000 years? Or that they originally come from a seed the size of a grain of wheat? You'll find amazing trivia like this at the Facts page. The site also has a great Lifecycle page, which shows you the entire span of the sequoia's existence. And for an expert opinion on the giant sequoia, you'll enjoy an interview with a park ranger.


Feeling cooped up and about to go wild? Take it outside, kid! There's an amazing world of trekking, tracking, exploring, climbing and playing to be done. Who better to show you the fun stuff than a raccoon rascal named Ranger Rick. Grab a lantern and hike to Ranger Rick's den at, where the National Wildlife Federation keeps an eye on him and his wild friends. He'll teach you tons of fun things to do outside.

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