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JUNE 23Woodbourne Center Inc., 1301 Woodbourne Ave.,...



Woodbourne Center Inc., 1301 Woodbourne Ave., Baltimore, filed for protection under Chapter 11. Principal: Stanley Weinstein, acting CEO. Assets: $11,500,000; Liabilities: $10,000,000 Woodbourne Foundation Inc., 6212 York Road, Baltimore, filed for Chapter 11 protection. Principal: Linda Smeyne, executive director & vice president. Assets: $4,500,000; Liabilities: $100,000 Aikido of Maryland Inc., 9632 Belair Road, Perry Hall, martial arts instruction & accessory sales, filed for protection under Chapter 11. Principal: John Clarence Goss Jr., president. Assets: $6,027.67; Liabilities: $48,472.41


Air Conduction Systems Inc., sheet metal and air duct fabrication and installation, 4901 Curtis Ave., Curtis Bay, filed under Chapter 7. Principal: Thomas J. Odea Jr., president. Assets: $487,613.18; Liabilities: $3,512,953.28 Bay Breeze Restaurant, 200 E. Pratt St., filed under Chapter 7. Principal: Kobra Sarlak, president. Assets: $2,500; Liabilities: $122,985


Ollie Patrick, 1730 Belt St., Baltimore, an individual operating a trucking service, filed under Chapter 13 for adjustment of debt. Assets: $184,250; Liabilities: $239,923

Abbreviations a.k.a.: also known as; c/o: care of; d/b/a: doing business as; t/a: trading as; n/a: not available; H/C: Holding Company; LLC: Limited Liability Company; L/P: Limited Partnership; J/V: Joint Venture; P/A: Professional Association; P/C: Professional Corporation

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