25 Years Ago Sneaky Drug Commercials --...


25 Years Ago Sneaky Drug Commercials -- An investigation conducted by the Christian Science Monitor reveals that all three of the major TV networks are indulging in a violation of their own self-imposed codes which call for the de-emphasizing of liquor drinking. The shows "M*A*S*H" and "Gunsmoke" are revealed to be the prime culprits in depicting liquor drinking throughout their shows. In a series of articles being run throughout successive issues of this international newspaper, the contention of alcoholic advertising abuse is documented by figures revealing that out of 249 shows taped from the TV screen, 201 of them depicted the use of alcoholic beverages.

The Community Reporter, July 4, 1975

50 Years Ago Lassiters Awarded $28,929 in Suit, State Roads Commission Loses Condemnation, Case Tried Before Jury -- A Carroll County jury has awarded $21,567.45 damages in upholding the right of condemnation of 14 acres frontage of land by the State Roads Commission for construction of the dual highway now in progress near Finksburg. The case was heard in Circuit Court with Chief Judge James E. Boylan Jr., presiding. It had been brought into court after the land owners, Carol F. and Zilpah F. Lassiter, had refused to accept $18,133 damages from the commission. After viewing the property and hearing testimony in the case, the jury awarded the Lassiters $21,567.45; gave no damages to the tenants, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Bosley; and awarded the Prudential Insurance Company $7,362.55, the balance due on the mortgage. This move takes 14 acres of frontage off the Lassiter property, the large house, a tenant house, four small outbuildings, a well of water, and 378 fruit trees, mostly peach and some apple.The Lassiters still retain about 350 acres of their original farm.

Democratic Advocate, July 7, 1950

75 Years Ago Fake Specialists Fleece Aged Pair of Sum of $2,600, Carroll County Authorities Seek Strangers Who Pretended to Operate on Woman's Eyes -- Posing as eye specialists, four swindlers have fleeced an aged Carroll county couple out of a sum of $2,600. The victims of the fraud are Charles Keck, aged 66 years, a bachelor, and his sister, Emma, of about the same age. They live on a small farm near Manchester, Carroll county authorities are seeking the swindlers, one of whom fraudulently used the name of Dr. T. H. Wertz, a practicing physician of Hanover.

American Sentinel, July 3, 1925

100 Years Ago A carnival and parade will take place at Hampstead, under the auspices of the Hampstead Fire Company, on Saturday, 21st inst. One of the principal features of the event will be the presence and participation of the Carroll County Military Company of Frizellburg, under command of Capt. John F. Auer. In connection with the carnival a festival will be held, for the benefit of the fire company, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 19th, 20th and 21st inst.

American Sentinel, July 7, 1900

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