The alligator returnsMemo to Muffy: The preppy...

The alligator returns

Memo to Muffy: The preppy look is back. Lacoste, fashion giant of the '70s and '80s, has brought its crisp, classic casual clothing and ubiquitous alligator logo ("Preppy Handbook," anyone?) back into stores.


Look for sleeveless cotton pique shirts and dresses in such colors as pale pink, baby blue, white and black. Dresses cost $120, sleeveless shirts, $70 (below). Warning: "This is not your basic polo shirt," says Susan Jacobsen, manager of the Wilmington Country Store in Ruxton. The shirt is cropped and fitted. As for the dress, "it really hugs the body," Jacobsen explains.

It seems the rebirth of sweater sets and capri pants has helped make Lilly Pulitzer, another fashion icon of the past, come back into style, too. The crafter of colorful print shifts that mix beachy patterns and such colors as pink and lime green is back. Her dresses, shorts and bathing suits for women and little girls are perfectly cute. And for grown-ups, Lilly's fuchsia thong sandals ($125, above) and lime green mules ($148) will put spring in anyone's step.


The Wilmington Country Store is at 7705 Bellona Ave. Call 410-823-1245 for more information.

Beach blanket? Bingo!

Stephanie Hirsch of INCA is known for her sexy beaded bikinis, the likes of which grace the pages of the most recent Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

But it's her Disco Beach Blanket that has beach bunnies' tongues wagging. The 3- by 5-foot blanket is made from vibrantly colored strips of woven recycled plastic. It folds up small enough to toss in a tote and also includes a handle so you can carry it as is. The blanket costs $65.

A coordinating tote bag made from the same water-resistant material features an inside zip pocket and costs $70. It is available with blue, pink, yellow or white trim. Buy it and other INCA products at the Web site -- M.B.

Rolling and strolling

Is work cutting into your busy in-line skate schedule? Does taking off your skates to enter restaurants and stores cramp your style?

A new sneaker-skate combo shoe might mean you'll never have to remove your skates.


Street Flyers are designed on the same concept as an airplane's landing gear. Pull out the retractable wheels from the sole of the high-top sneaker, and the wearer can roll wherever he or she pleases.

Push the safety lock, and the wheels retract when the wearer is finished skating.

Street Flyers cost about $150. Call 800-868-7870 for a store near you or check out the Web site at

-- M.B.