Enrico Cuccia, 92, mentor, confessor and schoolmaster...


Enrico Cuccia, 92, mentor, confessor and schoolmaster of Italian high finance for 50 years, was buried yesterdaybeside Lake Maggiore, Italy, in a private ceremony in keeping with his noted reclusiveness. Cuccia, honorary chairman of investment bank Mediobanca, died on Friday, leaving a void in Milan's financial community. Mediobanca was created in 1946 as a state-controlled long-term lending institute, and over the years built up a complex web of interlocking stakes in Italy's top companies.

David Tomlinson, 83, who starred as father George Banks in the classic 1964 Walt Disney musical movie "Mary Poppins," died yesterday. Tomlinson, who appeared in more than 50 films, including the 1969 Disney children's hit "The Love Bug," died in his sleep in hospital in a Buckinghamshire hospital in southern England after a long illness and a series of strokes.

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