Let's hire on merit, not race or...


Let's hire on merit, not race or gender

In Milton Kent's June 9 "Media Watch" column, he addresses the fact that WBAL-TV weekend sports anchor Damon Andrews is leaving for a job in Chicago and advises WBAL general manager Bill Fine that maybe it's time to hire a female sportscaster in Baltimore.

I think Mr. Kent's focusing on the station hiring a female and the fact that he mentions Baltimore is left with only one minority sportscaster is narrow-minded and all too typical of Mr. Kent's views. What happened to the day when people were hired based on their qualifications?

I think we can all learn from WJZ's mistake of firing its weekend sports anchor, Chris Ely, in favor of news reporter-turned-incompetent sports guy Stan Saunders.

What obviously was an economic decision may have pleased Mr. Kent in that it added a minority to Baltimore sports television, but it deprived all WJZ watchers of a decent weekend sportscast.

Anthony Jones


Hockey news is lost beneath football, baseball

I have long since resigned myself to the fact that unless you're a football or baseball fan, you have to search high and low for news in The Sun.

So it wasn't a surprise to find the hockey news on the last page when the NHL announced its postseason awards.

However, what outraged me was that under the "Awards" section, it was all about Jaromir Jagr, who is undoubtedly a great player, and not one word was mentioned about Washington Capitals goalie Olaf Kolzig winning the Vezina Trophy for being the NHL's top goalie.

Just exactly who at your paper decides that the Capitals are not newsworthy?

I'm tempted to subscribe to the Washington Post instead.

Elke Middleman

Glen Burnie

Mussina is rare pitcher: He knows his limitations

I am writing in reference to a letter in the June 18 sports section implying that Orioles pitcher Mike Mussina needs to go out each start planning to pitch a complete game.

It is absurd to think this would happen in modern baseball. Baseball is a team sport, and everyone should give his best effort and allow his teammates to come in and do the same.

One of the things that is so special about Mussina is that he recognizes his abilities and limitations and doesn't buy into the Superman mentality of some players.

I am hoping against hope that Mussina will remain an Oriole for a long time so I can have a reason to come to the ballpark other than to see him beat the home team.

Michael Frye


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