City ordered to pay $327,500 to attorney who sued Balog


Baltimore taxpayers face paying another $327,500 as a result of the recent federal court award against former city Public Works Director George G. Balog.

A federal judge awarded the money in legal fees and expenses yesterday to Howard J. Schulman, the Baltimore attorney who successfully sued Balog and the city on behalf of two former public works managers.

An eight-member federal jury awarded Jeanne Robinson and David Marc last month a combined $192,000 in damages after determining that Balog retaliated against them for criticizing a city landfill repair project.

Balog denied the allegations. The city is appealing the decision.

U.S. District Judge Frederic N. Smalkin awarded Schulman the $225-an-hour rate he requested for handling the four-year case.

The city has spent $550,000 defending the case. Yesterday's award brings the total costs to $877,500.

The judge reduced the damages awarded by the jury by $56,700, the punitive award found against Balog's co-defendant, former solid waste director Leonard H. Addison. The judge determined that Addison's actions weren't malicious.

The total award to Robinson and Marc, which includes compensation lost, is now $135,300.

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