Towson gets go-ahead on work


The Maryland Stadium Authority approved the first of 13 trade contracts on the second phase of Towson University's Minnegan Stadium renovation yesterday, with the other 12 to come up for approval next week.

For the next stage of the stadium renovation, which will take 10 to 11 months and includes a 5,000-seat addition on the hill at the north side of the field, the MSA awarded an electrical services contract to Baltimore-based Enterprise Electric.

Enterprise's bid of $1,026,720 came in well below the $1.3 million originally budgeted for that portion of this portion of the project. It came as a bit of a surprise to those on the authority board, given the fact that the body has had trouble getting bids for this project.

In the words of one MSA board member, the work on the Towson renovation "is not enough for the big companies and too much for small ones." So only four other companies bid for the electrical contract, and a sole bid came in for at least two others.

The authority's executive director, Richard W. Slosson, said the scarcity of bidders is a fairly recent phenomenon combining too many other attractive construction projects and companies that don't have enough workers to successfully execute on mid-size projects.

"Up until about two years ago, you could figure on at least four to six bids on any given trade," Slosson said.

Earlier, the school completed the first part of the project, which was the artificial turf field that was placed in the stadium for the 2000 fall season. The second phase of the Towson project, which should cost $9.1 million, will begin early next month, pending approval by the state's board of public works at a meeting on July 5.

MSA also approved a construction management contract worth $107.5 million for the replacement for Cole Field House at the University of Maryland's College Park campus, scheduled to open in late 2002.

Providence-based Gilbane Building Company, in partnership with Sherman R. Smoot Company of Laurel, was picked to supervise construction of the $124 million project, on which some of the foundation work has begun.

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