Be a 4Kids Detective


Visit these Web sites to find the answers, then go to

* Why is the top of a carrot root green?

* Plastics account for how much of recycled products?

* Which planet does the Spaceport say has the most moons?


From sea to sky to space, is a place for kids to laugh and learn. Head to and prepare yourself for an interactive adventure like no other. Begin your journey in either the Spaceport, the Aquarium, the Radio Station or the Ballet. If you like aviation, don't miss the Airport, where you can learn how to make a Stealth Flyer paper airplane. If you don't mind getting wet, check out the Seaport and explore the ocean, where you'll meet dancing starfish, a goofy crab and a rich octupus. Or explore the universe at the Observatory, and match pictures with clusters of stars at Match the Constellations.


Pack your knapsack and follow a noisy squirrel into the woods. Wait, would you rather go fishing at the lake? No problem. It's your trip to Cybercamp, so you only have to sign up for the camp activities you like best. Pitch your tent at and let the poison ivy-free fun begin. You'll be able to learn new crafts or tell stories around the campfire. Or learn something really important, like what to put in a first aid kit, or what to do if you get stung by an insect.


Lather yourself in bubbles at the Soap and Detergent Association's Kid's Corner. Start scrubbing away at and learn about all things soap. The site has a special focus on the art of bubbles, and you'll find plenty of tips on how to blow bigger, better bubbles. Be sure to take in some of the cool activities found here, like the Bubble Path or Bubble Magic. Or try to impress your friends by making a pop-proof bubble. The site also includes information on recycling plastic cleaning product bottles as well as environmentally smart ways of using and disposing of soap. The Kid's Corner is as green as it is clean. Start blowing those bubbles.

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