Celebrations of their love


Lindon Fowler and Benson Rice have a large group of family and friends whom they love to entertain. The couple also like to travel. When it came time to plan their wedding, they combined their interests into three events that allowed them to commemorate their marriage in an unusual way.

They began with a traditional garden wedding in Homeland, followed by a second ceremony at a beach resort in Bali. And next weekend, the festivities will continue as Lindon and Benson give their first party as husband and wife.

It's been a whirlwind month for the couple whose love grew slowly, but steadily over time.

Lindon, who laughingly declines to give her age, and Benson, 52, met by chance nearly eight years ago. They were introduced by a mutual friend at the now-defunct Belvedere Market. Though they travel in the same social circles and ran into one another frequently after their initial meeting, the couple didn't go on a date until a year later.

After they began dating, the couple say their feelings reached a depth neither had known before. But because they both had been married previously, they were cautious.

Benson found himself questioning the relationship, but then realized "the reason was because this was really working perfectly."

Lindon was unsure she should voice her true feelings, worried that she'd jinx something that was going so well.

Another year passed. They were on vacation in Carmel, Calif., sipping champagne as they watched the sun set on the Pacific Ocean. Lindon surprised herself by telling Benson, "I love you."

Benson asked, "Are you sure?"

She was sure, even when Benson didn't say he loved her -- that would happen a few months later when they were in New York City for the weekend.

They took a romantic carriage ride through Central Park one evening before going to dinner at the famous Rainbow Room. Before the meal, Benson talked about their relationship and told her what he had been too overcome with emotion to say in Carmel: He loved her too.

Another five years passed before the couple got engaged last May. Their friends had the same reaction when they heard the news. "They all asked, 'What took you so long?' " Benson says.

On June 3, Lindon and Benson were married. The ceremony took place amid the roses and peonies in the English-style garden at the home of the couple's friends, Leila and John Juracek of Homeland.

Benson's son Spencer was best man. The 25 guests included Benson's daughter Katie as well as Lindon's sons, Jarrett and Carson.

On June 11, Lindon and Benson said their vows once more, this time on the beach in Bali during their honeymoon. The ceremony and dinner that followed were arranged by Carl and Mirah Burman. Carl has been a friend of Benson's since they were high-school classmates at City College. He moved to Bali nearly three decades ago when he married Mirah.

Next weekend, Lindon and Benson will celebrate their marriage again with a party for 250 guests at the Weinberg Center for the Arts. It's a way to include their friends and business associates in their happiness, the couple says.

(Benson owns the Whiz Car Wash Corp. Lindon is an assistant teacher at Towson Presbyterian Kindergarten and Nursery School.)

And the party will give them one more chance to celebrate their good fortune at having found each other.

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