Psychologist who aided escapee pleads guilty to 2 charges in chase with husband


The psychologist who helped her inmate paramour after he and his cellmate escaped from a Jessup prison last year pleaded guilty yesterday to two charges stemming from a car chase with her husband and police in Annapolis.

District Judge David S. Bruce sentenced Elizabeth L. Feil, 43, to probation before judgment for eluding police and fined her $100 and placed her on one year's supervised probation for negligent driving in the chase May 28, 1999.

Police arrested Feil and Glenn Bosshard after their rush-hour chase ended in a crash.

The couple's relationship hit turmoil amid public revelations that Feil had a relationship with convicted armed robber Byron L. Smoot, whom she met while she worked at Patuxent Institution.

She was charged with helping Smoot and a convicted killer after their escape May 18, 1999, from the Maryland Correctional Institution.

Feil pleaded guilty in January to being an accessory after the fact and is expected to complete a six-month work-release sentence June 24. Yesterday's pleas add no jail time, and the probation will run concurrent with her five-year probation in the escape case. Related charges were dropped.

"This works out fine," said defense attorney Isaiah Dixon III, adding that Feil is working at an Annapolis restaurant and hopes to find work more closely tied to her doctorate in psychology, although not counseling patients.

Feil told the judge that she was fleeing from Bosshard, not police. But Bruce said the police presence should have made her less afraid of Bosshard.

Bosshard faced similar traffic charges with similar results.

He said he was disappointed by Feil's sentence and added that her punishment in the escape case pales in comparison with Smoot's sentence, especially because she betrayed a professional trust. Eight years were added to Smoot's 29-year prison term for the escape.

Feil and Bosshard have had little contact since her arrest and his public disclosure of love letters from Smoot to Feil. The chase occurred after she went to their home to retrieve belongings

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