Contest victor reflects on win


Student achiever: Gabrielle Santangelo, 7.

School: Waverly Elementary School.

Special achievement: Won first prize for the school in the literature category of the Howard County Reflections contest.

What she says about it: "My essay is called, 'Anything is Possible.' I was happy when my name was called at a PTA meeting, especially because my mother and father were there. I was glad that I won, and told my grandma and grandpa. For winning I got a gift certificate to buy books, and I bought 'Ramona and Her Father,' which is one of my favorites."

What her mother says about it: "I was surprised because I didn't know Gabrielle could write so well. She is a very special child."

Favorite activities: "I like to read, especially the 'Bailey's Schoolkids' books. At home, I play with my younger brothers. I play soccer, swim and play the piano. On weekends, I take ballet."

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