WinZip a boon to AOL fans; Version: The utility fixes the online services picture problems.


Rank AOL amateurs and hard-core propeller heads both are prime customers for the latest iteration of the WinZip file-archiving sofM-Wware, probably the most popular stand-alone utility in the history of Windows computing.

WinZip 8.0 starts with a wizard function that will automatically translate photographs attached to e-mail on America Online in the hated MIME format and extract them as .jpg, .gif or .bmp images. Uncounted millions of photographs have been lost to AOL users because the services use of MIME to carry pictures makes them unreadable to a great many, particularly to newcomers to e-mail procedures.

Beyond fixing AOLs e-mail picture attachment problems, WinZip 8.0 lets intermediate and advanced users create and work with|archives by right-clicking while viewing file folders using the Windows Explorer.

In addition to creating archives of scattered files on the run, the right-click feature permits attaching files to e-mail for quickly moving data to others.

At the cosmetic level, 8.0 finally allows users to dispense with a quirky display created for WinZip. Now you can view files in a display almost identical to that used in the Windows Explorer interface.

Another dramatic improvement while using the new upgrade of this old favorite is that one can create arM-Wchives of very large numbers of files and then use the WinZip feature for spanning archives over multiple floppy disks.

While many will decide they want the full $30 package, the company allows shareware downloads of an evaluation version.

WinZip 8.0 , $30, by WinZip Computing Inc., 877-724-4600 or

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