Lukewarm reaction to cappuccino line Lukewarm reaction to cappuccino line


Item: General Foods Cappuccino Coolers

What you get: 6 one-serving packets

Cost: About $2.25

Preparation time: Stir and serve

Review: Last summer, on forays into coffee bars, I became addicted to flavored iced coffee. When I saw General Foods' mixes for "Sweetened Instant Iced Cappuccino," I wondered if one could duplicate the same great taste at home. With friends, I tried the French Vanilla and Chocolate flavors. I thought the French Vanilla was dead-on, with the right mix of coffee and milk, as did a few others. The chocolate, however, tasted more like watery chocolate milk than cappuccino. You could use these mixes in a pinch. But I'd advise waiting for your next trip to a nice restaurant instead.

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