She's tops at topping off


Kit Fellows knows hats. Her Pikesville store, Kit's Millinery, was a hat wearer's paradise when it was open in the mid-1990s. Now she's back.

Fellows is managing the new accessories area at Octavia in Pikesville, which stocks designer hats from Patricia Underwood, Makins and Eric Javits, not to mention European designer sunglasses from such names as Dolce & Gabbana and Christian Dior.

"Hats for most women are unknown territory -- they don't know how a hat is supposed to fit or what a hat is supposed to look like," says Fellows, who has more than 25 years of experience in the millinery business. "We can show them this on an individual basis. We can show them what looks good on them and how to incorporate hats into their wardrobe."

In spring hats, simple lines and upturned brims are in, such as a striped straw hat ($275, left) or blue hat with roller brim ($190), both from Eric Javits. Hats at Octavia start at about $180.

In sunglasses, look for sleek, futuristic styles as well as frames embellished with rhinestones and cubic zirconia. We especially liked a pair of zebra-print shades from Dolce & Gabbana (above).

The sunglasses at Octavia can be tinted and fitted with prescriptions at the store by an optometrist who visits every week.

Octavia's Pikesville store is at 1848 Reisterstown Road. Call 410-653-9796 for more information.

Young, feminine, timeless

Ann Taylor's young, ladylike clothes are always feminine. This spring, however, they seem especially girly ... in a good way. Pinks, ginghams, delicate floral prints and pert, muted plaids look positively Grace Kellylike. And the ultimate strapless black dress ($138, below) topped with an embroidered cardigan ($98) and finished with an embroidered silk Shantung purse ($58) and linen embroidered slingbacks ($98) create a look that's contemporary yet timeless. -- M. B.

The Web - it's beautiful

Legions of New Yorkers already know about C. O. Bigelow's Almond Cold Cream Soap, a rich, moisturizing bar that costs $6 and smells good enough to eat. But until recently, one had to go to the 162-year-old Greenwich Village apothecary to buy it.

Now you don't even have to change out of your pajamas.

C. O. Bigelow Apothecary's products are now available on, a Web retailer dedicated to selling prestige cosmetics, including such brands as Alchemy, Club Monaco, LORAC and philosophy.

Some items not to miss among the array of Italian toothpaste, French linen waters and English soaps:

The C. O. Bigelow shaving brush, $79, is hand-assembled in Germany and is long-lasting and soft.

Yves Blayo Home Scent Spray in Canelle Orange, $29 for 3 ounces, smells of cinnamon and citrus.

The C. O. Bigelow luxury set, $110 (in photo) holds a host of products, including C. O. Bigelow Vanilla Perfume Oil, King of Shaves shave gel, Botot and Marvis toothpastes and Grether's Blackcurrant pastilles. -- M. B.

Long to short: a hairy change

When Keri Russell cut her long, curly brown hair last summer, her TV show "Felicity" lost thousands of viewers.

Now Russell is turning her bad hair decision into a magazine cover. Yes, that's Russell on the cover of a new special issue of InStyle called InStyle Makeover, which is on newsstands.

Russell says her drastic style change transformed her outlook on life. "It has been so good for me," Russell, 24, says in the magazine. "I did feel exposed, after all those years of having huge hair to hide in. But I also felt suddenly like I had good posture, and I wanted to wear different clothes. ... I'm so glad I did it. No matter what anybody says."

Also look for articles on celebrity makeovers, fashion makeovers and dieting makeovers. OK, OK, we get it already. -- M. B.

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