More on MussinaThis letter is in response...


More on Mussina

This letter is in response to the negative letter about Mike Mussina in the sports section on May14:

Is Mussina worth $14 million to $15 million a year? Of course he's not, and Mussina would most likely be the first person to agree with this. However, let the market beware. Baseball ownership has set the salary structure, not the players. Don't hold it against Mussina that the Yankees, Indians, Dodgers and perhaps 20 other clubs would be breaking down Mike's door to be their No.1 pitcher for a salary in the $15 million to $17 million range.

Mussina's past pitching record stands on its own, and he's worth every penny. Steven F. Silber, Baltimore

Bring up the kids

The Orioles' bullpen is a joke. With the kind of salaries these individuals are making, the team's management should stop telling us that things will work out and start telling these underachievers that they had better step up, or step out and find another job.

Imagine how long one would last on most jobs with the type of performance these guys have turned in.

Owner Peter Angelos could take a lesson from John Gabriel of the NBA's Orlando Magic and fire all of these pricey underachievers and just bring up the kids from Rochester.

What does Angelos have to lose - more blown saves? We're getting plenty of those now. And, besides, he'd save a chunk of money in the process.

Vince Cerniglia Orlando, Fla.

Nightmare in New York

I am a lifelong Orioles fan. In August, I moved to New York, and on May 5, my wife and I went to see the Orioles and Yankees play at Yankee Stadium.

I have never been treated with such disgusting, vile ugliness. I wore my Orioles hat proud and was besieged by thrown bits of hot dogs, pretzels, cups, spit, and who knows what else.

My masculinity and sexuality were vulgarly questioned, as was my wife's. I was forced to endure several thousand bleacher fans chanting expletives in unison at me.

People tried to grab my Orioles hat and throw it on the field - and at least 15 Yankees fans were thrown out of the stadium because of the things they tried to do to me.

Now, I really wish Peter Angelos would hire a general manager and allow him to do his job, because, not only did I have to endure the insults, shouts, spit, etc., I also had to watch the Orioles lose the game in the bottom of the ninth inning - again.

If I am going to put my life at risk by venturing into Yankee Stadium to support the Orioles, they need to win once in a while.

David J. Cleghorn Brooklyn, N.Y.

No Series for Cal here?

I recently read that Orioles third baseman Cal Ripken was quoted as saying, "I would like a World Series ring before I retire."

I was shocked. Why, at this late stage of his career, would he want to be traded?

Jon Pontiac, Arnold

Baseball idiots

Well, the idiots of baseball are at it again. Perhaps it's not the same people who instituted the designated hitter in the American League, but the non-thinkers decided to have the 2000 baseball wrapped so tight that every Tom, Dick and Harry is hitting the baseball out of sight.

Players are hitting home runs who do not have the power to fly out to the base of the left- or right-field fences. Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle are probably rolling over in their graves.

Why do these self-proclaimed geniuses continue to bastardize America's great game? What a monumental shame.

Bill Clark, Ocean Pines

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