For long term, 'stick with stocks,' article says


Where should long-term investors put their money?"If your horizon is 20 years or longer, don't include bonds, cash or fixed-income investments in your portfolio," says Smart Money. "Going back 74 years, there was no period longer than 18 years when adding bonds or cash increased returns. Include some fixed-income holdings for starting a new business, seeing children through college, buying a house, etc. For the long term, stick with stocks.""For your long-term money, the stock market is probably the best place to be - especially if you invest on a 'dollar-cost averaging' basis." (Moneypaper)"Wealth is not how much you earn; it is how much you accumulate. Wealthy people are those who work hard, save and thoughtfully invest their money." (Amy Dacyczyn, author, "The Complete Tightwad Gazette")"Consider selling a mutual fund that changes investment style. A mutual fund may perform better or worse with a new orientation, but it will not be the one you originally chose. Since you should pick funds to do specific things, one that is no longer doing what you chose it to do may need to be replaced. (Mary Rowland, author, "A Commonsense Guide to Mutual Funds")

Wall Street Watch: "Financial stock prices are off about 25 percent from recent highs. I especially like regional banks and well-managed property-casualty insurers." (Abraham Gulkowitz, global strategist)"Even after falling 20-50 percent from their March highs, many high tech stocks still stand at unsustained valuations." (Turnaround Letter)

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