'Road Trip'


There must be something funny about "Road Trip."

Well, there is a talking dog, and hungry snake. Come to think of it, the animals in "Road Trip" are pretty hilarious; as a five-minute short on cable TV's Animal Planet, this film would be a stitch.

Breckin Meyer ("Go") is Josh, an underachieving college freshman who's loved Tiffany (Rachel Blanchard) since they were infants. He becomes convinced she's no longer interested in maintaining their relationship -- he's in New York, she's in Texas -- so he he succumbs to temptations of the flesh with the lovely Beth (Amy Smart).

Worse, he let Beth tape the encounter; naturally, a copy is mailed to Tiffany. And thus we get the road trip, as Josh and three friends drive to Texas, intent on getting the tape before Tiffany does.

Along the way, there are topless women, racist stereotypes, rednecks and scatological humor.

As films from "Animal House" to "There's Something About Mary" have proven, it's possible to be raunchy and riotously funny. Those films benefited from an underlying good heart and an anarchic tone that made it clear that no one, least of all the actors, was taking the film seriously. These are lessons that no one associated with "Road Trip" bothered to learn.

'Road Trip'

Starring Breckin Meyer, Seann William Scott and Amy Smart

Directed by Todd Phillips

Released by DreamWorks

Rated R (strong sexual content, crude humor, language, drugs)

Running time 91 minutes

Sun score : **

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