All-in-one machine from Samsung saves users time...


All-in-one machine from Samsung saves users time and money

For those with limited funds and desk space, multifunctional devices such as Samsung's $399 Msys-5100P just make sense.

With a plain-paper fax, laser printer, copier and scanner, this one box aims to be the Swiss army knife of PC peripherals.

Setup is a breeze. Plug in the telephone line and power cord, and it's already a working fax machine and a desktop copier. As a fax, the 14.4 kilobits-per-second Msys-5100P features 10 one-touch speed-dial numbers and memory for 80 more.

A convenient handset adds a telephone to the package.

As a copier, the Msys-5100P makes up to 99 copies at the push of a button.

Quality is OK, about what you'd expect from a fax machine.

This wonder box becomes a six-page-per-minute laser printer and a 200-dots-per-inch scanner after the Msys-5100P is connected to your Windows 95/98/NT computer using the included parallel cable. Thankfully, the machine's resolution as a printer -- 300 dpi -- is much better than its output as a copier.

The software package offers all the standard image capture and editing tools. While the optical character reader scanning mode converts images into editable text automatically, the additional ability to scan directly to an e-mail message furthers its usefulness.

The Samsung Msys-5100P's features makes it peripheral survival gear for the home office.

Information: 877-804-9949.

-- Jeremy M. Van Zee/KRT

Eyemodule's add-on turns palmtop into digital camera

Convenience is the best argument for the Eyemodule digital camera, an add-on for the Handspring Visor personal digital assistant. The trade-off is image quality.

The $150 Eyemodule is among the latest third-party devices that plug into the expansion slot of the Visor, which runs the same operating system as Palm Computing's PDAs. Others for the Visor include games and modems.

The Eyemodule adds only a couple of ounces in weight, about a half-inch in length and nothing to the palmtop's thickness. The Visor's screen becomes the camera's viewfinder, and pictures are simple to take. Included software for Windows 95 or higher allows users to beam images to other Palm devices or to download them to a desktop computer.

IDEO Product Development, the designer, promises to soon release Macintosh software.

Image quality, though, is poor. Pictures from the Eyemodule have a top resolution of 320 by 240 pixels. At about the same price, a cheap digital camera can get 640 by 480 pixels with better color.

Information: 800-741-9070 or

-- David LaGesse/KRT

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